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8 Comments so far
  • TerryJanuary 9, 20097:33 pm

    If your great real estate courses are any indication of how this show is going to be, watch out world!

  • NancyJanuary 26, 20099:30 pm

    This is gonna be great! I can’t wait!!

  • DougJanuary 27, 200911:30 am

    It’s about time you got on to the Internet, Ken! Great Idea!

  • Birgitte KNAUSFebruary 1, 200910:49 am

    Hi Ken,

    Sounds interesting! Would love to follow your Really Useful Show. Hope it is at a reasonable time for us over here in Europe and not in the middle of the night.
    I am sure this will be helpful to many people
    Well done and good luck to you!!!

  • LindyFebruary 1, 20095:53 pm

    Great to see you get this done. All the best for tomorrow – I know it’s going to be amazing.

  • Kelly KenneFebruary 1, 20096:54 pm

    Hi Ken–this is so exciting! I am very anxious to both learn and share this excellent resource!!

  • Opher BrayerFebruary 1, 20099:27 pm

    Your show will become the alternative for Oprah, it looks very professional and fun!

  • DesireeFebruary 1, 20099:54 pm

    Hi Ken, A Happy New Year to you and I wish you the best of luck with this venture. I’ll try to tune as much as possible. I’m just starting my own business with Primerica and I’ll keep you posted. Take care and have a great time with this project.

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