Hey, thanks for your interest in working with me! Please email a request to my life-saving assistant, Zoe.

Her email is Zoe (at) ReallyUsefulNetwork (dot) com. Let her know what you have in mind and we’ll take it from there.




I want Ken…

  • To speak at an event.
  • To consult on my business.
  • To consult on a personal investment situation (i.e. real estate)
  • To partner with me on a real estate investment opportunity.
  • To let me in on his next investment opportunity. I want those high yields!
  • For a business development opportunity.
  • To Joint Venture with me on a business opportunity.
  • For a media request / interview.
  • To join me in my private jet on a trip around the world (sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?)

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